Pure Vanilla Anarchy: White Flag?

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: White Flag?

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: White Flag? Yes it seems like my throbbing erection for this war has pre-ejaculated all over the face of this server. New Kandor declared war, the leader of The Parrot Keepers u9j seemed to be into it, but the members apparently want nothing to do with this. Apparently this is just some shit I said to make it 2b2t according to 4xe.

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: White Flag?

To be fair, I did not intend for this to be a war like 2b2t. Because I only know about the incursions against waves of new players. I intended for this to be a war between two factions to stir up interest in our server, after all everyone loves a good Minecraft War. Well apparently, The Parrot Keepers are in fact against server growth just as I thought.

Personally I see no issue with emulating 2b2t. I see clearly they have had success in the past (mostly due to word of mouth, that only takes you so far) because of the incursions. However it seems that is a bad thing in the eyes of the parrot keepers member 4xe. I personally think emulation is the greatest form of flattery even though we were not following the formula because this was not an incursion it was intended to be a flat out war for dominance between two established factions.

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: White Flag?

The statistics speak for themselves. People love a good war. But it appears The Parrot Keepers just don't want to play a part in something that would have been amazing for our server.

What's Next?

Well if this war is really going to be a dud. Then I need to go back the mines. Regular marketing is great for server growth as well. I have already stated my plans and exactly what I am doing to promote the server in a previous thread.

I will continue to do what I have already been doing. I will also attempt to find different forms of advertising our server. I would like to try paid advertising in the future, because if done correctly it could spark a wave of new players. However for that I am relying on the generosity of the players. Yes, by donating I can invest funds into marketing since the server cost is inexpensive.

The advertising would take place on platforms like Facebook and on the polling websites with paid advertising features. Because these campaigns are expensive, I have to wait for players willing to invest in the server. Other server owners have tried this and failed. However let's face it, they are not me. While I am not the best Minecraft player, my skills in marketing grow every day, as I am always learning new things.

Better Server?

Yes! More players would obviously yield a better percentage of donations, which would eventually allow us to get a better server with a better processor. I personally believe among server hosting companies mtxserv has the best processor. The server is also really well optimized.

For the record I  don't think we'll reach the point where we need a better server for awhile because server growth is only a few people at a time per week. When we are ready I would like to rent a dedicated server with a killer processor. It's all in the processor, because even with a 5ghz processor the tps folds over when someone is traveling.

In Conclusion

Simply put it would be better if The Parrot Keeper's would reconsider this war. I don't know if it is officially over before it began. If it is it sucks because I truly believe that The Foundation War would have been the fire that lit the rocket called Pure Vanilla Anarchy.

On these terms if this means The Foundation War is really over before it began, I will have to continue to rely on my own efforts. In the future I will not count on a war to bring interest to Pure Vanilla Anarchy. Rather I will count on my marketing genius.

Boiling down this article all I have to say is I am horribly disappointed (not mad) by the outcome of all of this. I will not perpetrate a false war to bring players, if the war is really over before it started, I will just have to move forward with my disappointment and double my own personal efforts.

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