Pure Vanilla Anarchy: The Foundation War

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: The Foundation War

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: The Foundation War is the first major war on Pure Vanilla Anarchy. It is a war between The Parrot Keepers and New Kandor. Both factions have different ideals, which is what I believe started the war in the first place.

From the very start of Pure Vanilla Anarchy The Parrot Keepers have been the most dominant force on the server. Being the admin, all I do is make sure the bills are paid and that the server runs. From the start I have said that any group could come in and take over.

Even though the group was small, starting with u9j and Drakyen, they had managed to get their hands on some technically illegal items through the back door because of Shockbyte's poor security. 

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: Parrot Keepers

u9j and Phr33r at the world border.

The Parrot Keepers

The Parrot Keepers have several deeds. While a few of the original members are no longer playing on Pure Vanilla Anarchy, they have done a great deal of things.

They bombed spawn on both maps. u9j and ItsNotMeJeremy bombed spawn on the first week on the original map. Here is a youtube video of the bombing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_0PNrCHj1o&feature=youtu.be

Phr33z completely demolished the new spawn, in fact he placed so many withers I had to go in and kill most of them because it was impacting the server. For the record, I only interfere when it comes to server stability.

The Parrot Keepers have made things rather difficult for new players. One would either die to a Parrot Keeper place Wither, or be killed by a Parrot Keeper. This has stunted server growth for quite a long time. This is what started The Foundation War, something that may lead to a change in rule on this server.

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: Spawn Nuked

Phr33z nuked spawn

New Kandor

New Kandor was formed on June 26th 2019. They have a different set of ideals compared to The Parrot Keepers. They want to keep spawn cleaned up, make sure that new players wont be endlessly griefed by Withers and Parrot Keepers.

You could compare the two groups to The Empire and Rebellion from the original Star Wars Trilogy. When one faction comes in, takes over and makes life hell for everyone, eventually a new faction will rise and fight for power.

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: The Foundation War is extremely important. New Kandor are the first to rebel. The first to declare war. If they will succeed or fail is yet to be seen. However they already have one massive advantage.

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: New Kandor Spawn

New Kandor creates a safe place for new players!

Parrot Keeper Sanctuary Destroyed

The war officially began yesterday on June 29th, 2019. New Kandor had somehow managed to find The Parrot Keeper Sanctuary. It took them quite awhile to reach them, especially considering one player plays legit.

They did tell me how they found their base. However I will not disclose that information because the war is still going on as I am writing this. Finding Parrot Keeper Sanctuary gave New Kandor a massive boost in power, because they now have 127 armor.

Not only did they take everything they could, but they destroyed The Parrot Keeper Sanctuary. Here is a series of screen shots, and a video showing the destruction of The Parrot Keeper Sanctuary.

RIP Parrot Sanctuary

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: New Kandor Destroys Sanctuary

New Kandor stores stolen goods.

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: New Kandor

The Outcome

Loosing The Parrot Keeper Sanctuary might be a massive blow to The Parrot Keepers. However it is unknown if this war is over. Will The Parrot Keepers fade into obscurity, or will they fight to remain the dominating force on this server.

The Foundation War could last for months if both sides are willing to keep fighting. The winner, will be the ruling faction of the server. I know that New Kandor wants to make the server a safe place for everyone.

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: Spawn

Birds eye view of New Kandor's spawn. An attempt to control spawn and make it a good place for new players.

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: Wither

New Kandor's Wither.

In Conclusion

I will continue to document this war, if it goes on past this point. As my role specifies, I will not interfere with either side. Whomever wins, wins. I agree if New Kandor wins, the server population will continue increase due to their effort. This might be better for the server as a whole.

If The Parrot keepers win, this server will only keep the toughest and most dedicated players. However if they do win I believe another faction like New Kandor will eventually rise, because when you repress the people they eventually reach a boiling point and fight back.

Whatever the outcome, I will document and make sure ten years from now people know the outcome and the details. This is a war that will determine the future climat and foundation of Pure Vanilla Anarchy. Hence why I call this The Foundation War!

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