Pure Vanilla Anarchy: The Foundation War Part Two

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: The Foundation War Part Two

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: The Foundation War Part Two. While some have opted out (lol), some are still fighting this war, like RockSocker2. Personally this fills me with joy, even though I don't approve of the way RockSocker2 is fighting the war, because it's causing immense tps lag through Withers.

This second part is to summarize yesterdays events. Including an interview with the leader u9j. While this article won't be long, it gives me some hope that people will actually go through with this war, because most of the Parrot Keepers have not stepped aside.

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: Spawn

Spawn July 1st 2019


A great deal of shit talking occurred yesterday. I know that u9j tried to end the war by trying to bring Jamie over to their side. Drake changed his alt accounts name to Olivia. The plan was foiled before it began because when Drake joined the server it said something like "Olivia aka Drake has joined".

Not a bad plan, but poor execution. New Kandor just simply states "We are going to crush you", however as of yet, despite the white flag waving members of the Parrot Keepers they have done little, aside from destroy their base.

Yesterday I suggested a skrimish, however neither side really commented on my idea. So right now aside from one base and a lot of Withers at the overworld and nether spawn, not a lot has happened.

u9j Interview

Q: How do you feel in the aftermath of losing The Parrot Keeper Sanctuary?

A: I really could care less.. It was a dupe stash, not a base.. We're lucky we didnt start the dome.. Coming to you next week on Parrot Sanctum News.

Q: Do you plan on making this a quick war or a longer more drawn out war?

A: This isnt no war. Because they are peasants. They don't know what we can bring to the table. They act all big cause they because griefed a small stash.. Just wait to see what we can do.

Q: Do you feel that New Kandor is inferior to The Parrot Keepers? If so explain why!

A:  Fuck yes they are.. Because we're fucking parrot keepers. We keep parrots, and we take flight, We listen to our owner (WolfOfOdin) and mock him. Thats what parrots do. Teach us and we will do so

Q: Do you plan on adding in new members for the war effort, or will you stick with your core group of players?

A:  I can take them on alone. But I'm taking along the close base mates. They want fun.. They will get fun, We have secrets these "Cuntders" wish they knew.

Q: What message would you like to send to New Kandor about the war?

A: What is a kandor?

In Conclusion

I hope that the members of the Parrot Keepers who opted out will decide to join in the war because a big war is what this server needs. The Parrot Sanctuary are actively destroying overworld and nether spawn.

Will New Kandor really be able to fight The Parrot Keepers at spawn? Will this battle end in the next 24 hours. Its only over when one side quits. Those who win will be the dominating force on the server. Hence the name "Foundation War".

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