Pure Vanilla Anarchy: Surviving Spawn

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: Surviving Spawn

When I watch a new player join the server I often believe that said player does not have what it takes to survive spawn. Pure Vanilla Anarchy spawn is NOTHING like 2b2t's spawn. There is a shorter distance to travel in order to escape. Additionally, there is not as many people hunting for you.

There are people who have alts parked at spawn specifically to make sure you fail. They will grief you, they will make your life a living hell. Unlike 2b2t there is only ONE spawn point. So if they wanted to, they could kill you endlessly until you rage quit. To most people this is enough to not want to play on Pure Vanilla Anarchy. 

However this is not the case for most new people. You see those people with their spawn alts do not play all the time. Most of the people quit because they cannot navigate spawn. They take a step in the wrong direction, fall to their death, get killed by a zombie or skeleton and quit.

Survival Of The Fittest

The people listed above. They are normies. These normies casually come to Pure Vanilla Anarchy because they want to experience Anarchy without dealing with the queue time 2b2t has. I cannot believe the number of normies who come to Pure Vanilla Anarchy expecting it to look like the average Minecraft server.

"Spawn is ugly" they say. Someone always responds with "This is Anarchy". As I said, these are the filthy casuals of Minecraft. They typically quit within the first 5-30 minutes, as getting out of spawn is too difficult for them. Our turnover rate is spectacular. At least ten new people join a day, maybe one of them have what it takes to stick around. These people, can actually make something of themselves. However, what comes next can be far more difficult. If you make it through spawn, you are on your way to becoming great.

You've made it past spawn. Can you become one of the elite?

Two Basic Mistakes

Making it past spawn does not make you a god. In fact you are still a newb in a lot of peoples eyes. A great deal of people who make it past spawn, make a series of critical mistakes. These mistakes leave them in ruin.

Mistake #1 - Making your base within the first 20k blocks. I am afraid that if you are within this radius, your base is destined to be tnt'd. In fact a few bases within the first 20k blocks have already suffered this same fate.

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: TNT

Someones base covered in tnt within the first 10k radius

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: Destroye Base

RIP The Base

Mistake #2 - Antagonizing the wrong people. You see being the fact that there are no rules, there is nothing to stop someone you pissed off from crushing you and everything you have. When starting a fight, a wise move is deciding if this is the hill you want to die on. You never know what someone is capable of doing.

In Conclusion

Surviving spawn is just the beginning. You don't want to have an illusion of safety, as with mistake #2 if you piss of the wrong person they will find you. Fight only if you feel you can win.

If you think you can survive spawn and beyond feel free to join Pure Vanilla Anarchy. Don't let the smaller population fool you, because all it takes is one critical mistake and you are starting off at zero.

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