Pure Vanilla Anarchy Spawn

Pure Vanilla Anarchy Spawn

Pure Vanilla Anarchy’s spawn has gone under some rather rapid transformations in the last two weeks. Everything started like your normal Minecraft server. Pure Vailla Anarchy is an Anarchy server, because of this spawn has gone under some rapid transformations.

If you are not familiar with Anarchy servers, it means anything goes! There are no rules and there are no plugins as well which brings the “Pure” part into the name. Because of the fact that there are no rules, people will go out of their way to act in a terrible and malicious manner.

Natural spawn is located in the middle of an ocean. Because of this I change the location and built a little spawn hut. Anarchy has no rules. This leads to mass destruction!

That little spawn hut did not even last a day! In fact it was surrounded with water and creeper explosion holes. Spawn was becoming a mess. However this was only the beginning of the transformation of spawn.

The First Great Bombing Of Spawn On Pure Vanilla Anarchy

Roughly 5 days in. A group of players (u9j, ItsNotMeJeremy UlimateSteve99 and Onion666) decided to bomb spawn. This was organized by u9j and ItsNotMeJeremy, the others joined in because destroying spawn was to become a historical event. Spawn was bombed, then rebuilt. As show in these two videos.

This was the start of spawn. The rebuilt spawn hut made by those involved did not last long. In fact within a week it was almost completely destroyed by an unknown person.

Pure Vanilla Anarchy Spawn SURROUNDED BY LAVA!

Spawn only got worse though. Two days ago I logged in. Spawn was completely surrounded in lava. I did not think that someone had that much ambition to completely drench spawn in lava. Whoever this person is I have been fighting a battle with them. One law we all voted on is that if someone is unable to leave spawn I will make sure that an exit is made. Everyone voted in favor, and so I have made some entrances.

Pure Vanilla Anarchy Spawn

Spawn is walled off!

Pure Vanilla Anarchy’s Spawn SURROUNDED By Lava

I make an exit. Someone patches it up. In fact I made MULTIPLE exits, they keep getting patched up. Here is spawn today.

Pure Vanilla Anarchy Spawn

Pure Vanilla Anarchy Spawn - June 6th 2019

Pure Vanilla Anarchy spawn on June 6th 2019. Surrounded by lava and some tnt

I need to state, I don’t like interfering which is why I even held a vote. Today I made sure that spawn was passable. I punched the biggest hole I could with tnt because someone covered up the previous exits in lava. It took quite awhile because the lava was now a few layers deep, but I made a hole that will hopefully stay.

Pure Vanilla Anarchy Spawn

The New Exit

In Conclusion

The server is just two weeks old. Outside this barrier the ruins don’t stretch for as long as 2b2t. However there are signs of tnt bombings, the whole nine yards. Who’s to say what spawn will look like in another two weeks, or a month?

Join Pure Vanilla Anarchy Today!

Things are heating up on Pure Vanilla Anarchy. If you would like to join Pure Vanilla Anarchy all you need is the IP because there is NO whitelist. Here are the details below, will you contribute to the destruction of spawn or will you find some nice and quiet plot of land and settle down?


Join PVA - IP –
Join TVA - IP -

If you come to Pure Vanilla Anarchy expecting a nice spawn. We will laugh at you, I will laugh at you because this isn’t your average Disney care bear server! Pure Vanilla Anarchy is an Anarchy server like 2b2t, and if you cry about spawn you are likely going to be griefed.

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