Pure Vanilla Anarchy RockSocker2

Pure Vanilla Anarchy RockSocker2

When I spoke about interviewing players on Pure Vanilla Anarchy RockSocker2 was the first to volunteer. Pure Vanilla Anarchy is nothing without its community. RockSocker2 has been apart of this servers community for a few weeks, and is one of the long lasting members.

I asked RockSocker2 a series of questions. These will likely be the standard interview questions unless I have something I specifically want to address something with someone in the future. Without further ado, here is the interview with RockSocker2

Pure Vanilla Anarchy RockSocker2

RockSocker2 showing off an Anarchy Symbol

Question One

May I ask how did you find Pure Vanilla Anarchy RockSocker2? Answer: I was searching for a strictly vanilla anarchy server and I stumbled upon Pure Vanilla Anarchy on one of the voting websites.

Question Two

Question Three

Question Four

What is your best experience playing on Pure Vanilla Anarchy RockSocker2? Collecting every block in Minecraft on Pure Vanilla Anarchy. Right now we have a storage problem and we are working on upgrading our systems

This may sound cheesy, but I have also met quite a few interesting people on the server and hanging out with them is pretty fun.

Question Five

What is the craziest thing you have done on Pure Vanilla Anarchy RockSocker2? Because this is an Anarchy server you are allowed to use any exploits you want. Nothing is illegal!

So what is the craziest thing I've done on Pure Vanilla Anarchy? I've used those exploits to find bases that are far away!

Question Six & Seven

Do you have any grand future plans on Pure Vanilla Anarchy RockSocker2? I can't go into much detail unfortunately because reasons. However my base mates and I are building something to do with a dome!

How many hours a week do you play on Pure Vanilla Anarchy RockSocker2? I'm one of the most, if not the most regular player on the server, roughly being on 40 to 50 hours a week!

Pure Vanilla Anarchy RockSocker2 Basement Drakyen

RockSocker2's basement Drakyen's creation

Pure Vanilla Anarchy RockSocker2 Drakyen

Other side

Question Eight & Nine

Have you made any friends playing on Pure Vanilla Anarchy RockSocker2? Yes I have! u9j, Drakyen ph33r and Star King.

You are at spawn and a new player joins the server. What do you do? Depends on the vibe I get from the person. Sometimes I will help them out, but more often, and in a recent case, I killed a new player over and over for three hours.

Question Ten & Eleven

You stumble upon a grand work of architecture and it is the most beautiful work of art you have ever seen. What do you do? I would tour the base and take screenshots, possibly taking any rare items I find, but leaving the structure more or less like I found it.

Question Twelve, Thirteen & Fourteen

A rather annoying player joins the server. They talk shit and annoy everyone! Some people even log off because this new player is so annoying. What do you do? : I keep my main account RockSocker2 at spawn just for that reason, because lots of annoying newfags have joined in the past.

A new player joins the server and asks if they can play with you, what do you do? Trust is not gained quickly or easily because this is an anarchy server. I would never base with someone right after they joined.

Someone stumbles upon your base while you are online. What do you do?  First, I would try to defend the base because this person might be intent on griefing it. Then, I would notify my base mates and transfer any valuables to a remote location. Lastly, take some screenshots and say my goodbyes to the build.

In Conclusion

Thank you very much for volunteering for the interview RockSocker2! If you are considering joining Pure Vanilla Anarchy it would be wise to keep RockSocker2 on your good side, because making enemies is rather easy on Pure Vanilla Anarchy.

If you would like to join Pure Vanilla Anarchy you do not need to apply or be placed on any sort of whitelist. Pure Vanilla Anarchy is perfect if you are looking to use dupes. The server is up 24/7.

Discord - https://discord.gg/6jj88MK
Join PVA - IP –
Join TVA - IP -

Also please vote every day! Because growing the server is important! It takes one person voting every day and playing on Pure Vanilla Anarchy frequently to grow the server.


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