Pure Vanilla Anarchy Now 1.12.2

Pure Vanilla Anarchy Now 1.12.2

Pure Vanilla Anarchy Now 1.12.2 is something you need to tell your friends who have played on our server at one point in time. The idea of change was difficult for some people, but I believe it stopped the server from spiraling into a pit of poor player retention.

Minecraft 1.14 boasted so many stability problems that people were leaving in droves. Something had to be done. Two days ago I started the vote, and it was a resounding yes! Those dedicated to the server have made the move to 1.12.2 and I have to say now that Pure Vanilla Anarachy is Now 1.12.2, server stability is up BIG TIME.

Improve Stability is essential for building a bigger server. Without stability the future of Pure Vanilla Anarchy would be grim. As I mentioned before if we stayed on 1.14 the server would have become a revolving door.

Playing Legit

Now that we have moved to 1.12.2 officially I am playing 100% Legit. In 1.14 I never actually played, I just spectated and hung around in creative. I am somewhere far away, you are free to find my base. I am going to attempt to build a nether highway, because someone's gotta do it.

I don't plan on staying in one place for very long. You might stumble upon a great deal of older bases. Since I will be building a highway I will need to move my base forward. I will connect to 0, 0 when I feel the highway is ready to be traveled.

However since I am playing 100% legit this may take quite awhile. I will keep my location a secret. Once again you  are welcome to come and find me. I will say I am not further than 10k blocks out, but then again who isn't?

First Shot Of WolfOfOdin's base on Pure Vanilla Anarchy
Second Shot Of WolfOfOdin's base on Pure Vanilla Anarchy

In Conclusion

Bring it on! Join Pure Vanilla Anarchy today! Pure Vanilla Anarchy Now 1.12.2

Tell everyone. Let's fill this server up. We will be using the Shockbyte server for the foreseeable future because we don't quite need the google cloud server. The google cloud server was a final attempt to solve the performance issues of Minecraft 1.14. I'd much rather deal with a $40 or $80 a month bill if we decide to upgrade to 32 gb rather than a $400 a month bill.

Our Discord is - https://discord.gg/6jj88MK
Join PVA - IP –
Join TVA - IP -

Please make sure to vote every day, it helps the server grow https://www.pure-vanilla-anarchy.com/pure-vanilla-anarchy-1-12-vote/

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