Pure Vanilla Anarchy: Goals & Ambitions

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: Goals & Ambitions

I can imagine in the last week people believe I have firmly lost my mind. Pure Vanilla Anarchy: Goals & Ambitions can only equate to the incoherent ramblings of a madman? I will tell you one thing now. In ten years time there will be no debate regarding the superiority Pure Vanilla Anarchy has over 2b2t.

Oh god there he goes again rambling about how he's going to crush 2b2t. Yes at this point you are probably convinced I have completely lost it. But rest assured, I am of sound mind. You see in life people are often far too afraid to take a risk. They live in a comfortable sphere content and afraid to lose what they have, because of this they cannot fufil their life's goals and dreams.

Recently I went balls deep into a $400 server. Why? Because if you want to succeed you need to take risks! Your balls need to be so huge that you carry them around in a wheelbarrow. Without that bill hanging over my head, how am I going to find the motivation to work hard on building this server?

Only when impending failure is looming over, can you find the motivation to build something great. I am an entrepreneur at heart. I have studied marketing from some pretty amazing people. I am confident I can make this work. Randy Marsh has nothing on me right now.

Short Term Goals

Now that I am done blowing smoke up my ass, I want to tell you about my short term goals. As I am currently writing this Pure Vanilla Anarchy is 2.5 weeks old. My short term goals are for the current month, right now it is difficult to make decent longterm goals.

By Thursday July 4th 2019, I want our peak time to have 50 players online at once. Hang on there Wolf, that's a pretty lofty short term goal. How can you be so confident that you can build a player base that big in just a month?

Search Engine Optimization

Let me explain. The reason I made this website is to help build our search rankings in google. I optimize every single post to make sure it is seo friendly.

By making these posts daily, I am increasing how we rank in google. However it cannot be some slapped together poorly made garbage. You see google now indexes better content. So when I am writing these articles I make sure the content is as good as I can make it.

It is important that I run through a check list of various things to make sure the post's content is up to snuff so that google will pick it up. I need to make sure to tell you, this WILL NOT happen instantly. Building up to front page indexing takes a lot of work and effort. Every day I write a post, and depending on my competition I may make it there sooner or later.

Reason For 2b2t's Success

It's obvious that 2b2t's greatness has been mostly word of mouth. The various youtube incursions that have happened have bolstered the greatness of the server. The age and history behind the server's world is a major contributing factor, because of all that and more 2b2t has become the top anarchy server.

However, word of mouth is a two way street. When our server begins to grow rapidly, word of mouth about us will spread. However building a server strictly off word of mouth is a very difficult thing to do. I am doing twice as much work when it comes to building the player base.

What Am I Doing Differently?

I have to make sure people vote, because if they don't vote it is hard to build our listing. You should vote, just click on "Pure Vanilla Anarchy Voting" at the top right for all the voting links, or you can simply go to the bottom of the article. When a player votes our server rises in rank. Getting people to vote is difficult, but the more people vote, the faster our server builds.

By doing what I am doing right now, by writing a detailed and content rich article daily. Sometime in the future all you are going to see is Pure Vanilla Anarchy. I can almost guarantee that our competition including 2b2t is not doing this! Learning how to index properly in google is a difficult process, especially due to the mountain of misinformation out there.

If you are a server owner and reading this article I will give you a pro tip. DO NOT go to a self proclaimed "SEO Expert". All you are doing is wasting money, learn to do it yourself. 

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: Goals & Ambitons

Don't waste your money. Learn to do it yourself. Everyone I know who has hired one of these regretted it.

In Conclusion

I'm not just blowing smoke up my ass. I have not gone insane. Without the risk of failure there is no motivation to succeed. With all that I am doing, Pure Vanilla Anarchy will be an extremely successful Minecraft Anarchy Server. When I begin a project, I don't half ass it.

I hope you enjoyed today's insight. There is actually a lot more that happens behind the scenes but talking about everything would make this article drag on. If you would like to help Pure Vanilla Anarchy succeed, make sure to vote every single day. It only takes five minutes, and it is extremely helpful.


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