Pure Vanilla Anarchy 1.12 Vote

Pure Vanilla Anarchy 1.12 Vote

The Pure Vanlla Anarchy 1.12 Vote is essential because it's no lie that 1.14 is a complete mess. For the last nearly three weeks I have been trying my best to battle several performance issues that 1.14 brings to the table. One person could decide to travel and that alone cripples the server. People have been getting frustrated, I have been getting frustrated. For the sake of the community I have now started a vote.

Should we switch to 1.12.2? This would mean we would have to start out on a brand new map. This would make nearly three weeks of hard work irrelevant. Installing Spiggot would be simply putting a band-aid on a giant gaping wound that needs 100's of stitches. If we stay as 1.14, no matter how much hard work I put in Pure Vanilla Anarchy will become a revolving door. People coming in, and leaving because of the crippling lag issues.

I am sorry. I don't want that. In fact for the first time ever I am leaving my very own yes vote on the discord. I have become tired. So tired of dealing with issues because mojang broke Minecraft java edition. There is only so much I can personally do. There is only one solution, that solution is 1.12.

Pure Vanilla Anarchy 1.12 Test Server

Right as I am typing this we have a 1.12 test server running on our shockbyte server. I felt a test server would help people make a choice, the right choice in the Pure Vanilla Anarchy 1.12 Vote. So far _Negative_ has travelled over 10k blocks without lag. Can you imagine that on our google cloud 1.14.2 server? I though the cloud server could save us, but no, it did not.

Pure Vanilla Anarchy 1.12 Test Server Spawn

Spawn on the 1.12 test server.

It is rather easy to join our test server. You simply need the 1.12 client and the IP address provided at the bottom. When you join please provide as much feedback as possible. People need to know how much smoother our 16gb shockbyte 1.12 server is compared to our 65gb google cloud server. We could probably hold five times as many players on our 1.12 server before running into performance issues. 

In Conclusion

This is a short article. I don't have much to talk about but I can tell you that the future of Pure Vanilla Anarchy relies on your vote. I know it will be difficult to say goodbye to the 1.14 server, however for the sake of the servers future we need to make a change, especially if we want to remain "Pure Vanilla".

Join our discord - https://discord.gg/6jj88MK
Join PVA - IP –
Join TVA - IP -

Please vote daily, it takes 5 minutes and it helps Pure Vanilla Anarchy grow - https://www.pure-vanilla-anarchy.com/pure-vanilla-anarchy-voting/

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