Pure Vanilla Anarchy: The Foundation War Part Two

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: The Foundation War Part Two

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: The Foundation War Part Two. While some have opted out (lol), some are still fighting this war, like RockSocker2. Personally this fills me with joy, even though I don't approve of the way RockSocker2 is fighting the war, because it's causing immense tps lag through Withers.

This second part is to summarize yesterdays events. Including an interview with the leader u9j. While this article won't be long, it gives me some hope that people will actually go through with this war, because most of the Parrot Keepers have not stepped aside.

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: Spawn

Spawn July 1st 2019


A great deal of shit talking occurred yesterday. I know that u9j tried to end the war by trying to bring Jamie over to their side. Drake changed his alt accounts name to Olivia. The plan was foiled before it began because when Drake joined the server it said something like "Olivia aka Drake has joined".

Not a bad plan, but poor execution. New Kandor just simply states "We are going to crush you", however as of yet, despite the white flag waving members of the Parrot Keepers they have done little, aside from destroy their base.

Yesterday I suggested a skrimish, however neither side really commented on my idea. So right now aside from one base and a lot of Withers at the overworld and nether spawn, not a lot has happened.

u9j Interview

Q: How do you feel in the aftermath of losing The Parrot Keeper Sanctuary?

A: I really could care less.. It was a dupe stash, not a base.. We're lucky we didnt start the dome.. Coming to you next week on Parrot Sanctum News.

Q: Do you plan on making this a quick war or a longer more drawn out war?

A: This isnt no war. Because they are peasants. They don't know what we can bring to the table. They act all big cause they because griefed a small stash.. Just wait to see what we can do.

Q: Do you feel that New Kandor is inferior to The Parrot Keepers? If so explain why!

A:  Fuck yes they are.. Because we're fucking parrot keepers. We keep parrots, and we take flight, We listen to our owner (WolfOfOdin) and mock him. Thats what parrots do. Teach us and we will do so

Q: Do you plan on adding in new members for the war effort, or will you stick with your core group of players?

A:  I can take them on alone. But I'm taking along the close base mates. They want fun.. They will get fun, We have secrets these "Cuntders" wish they knew.

Q: What message would you like to send to New Kandor about the war?

A: What is a kandor?

In Conclusion

I hope that the members of the Parrot Keepers who opted out will decide to join in the war because a big war is what this server needs. The Parrot Sanctuary are actively destroying overworld and nether spawn.

Will New Kandor really be able to fight The Parrot Keepers at spawn? Will this battle end in the next 24 hours. Its only over when one side quits. Those who win will be the dominating force on the server. Hence the name "Foundation War".

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Pure Vanilla Anarchy: White Flag?

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: White Flag?

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: White Flag? Yes it seems like my throbbing erection for this war has pre-ejaculated all over the face of this server. New Kandor declared war, the leader of The Parrot Keepers u9j seemed to be into it, but the members apparently want nothing to do with this. Apparently this is just some shit I said to make it 2b2t according to 4xe.

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: White Flag?

To be fair, I did not intend for this to be a war like 2b2t. Because I only know about the incursions against waves of new players. I intended for this to be a war between two factions to stir up interest in our server, after all everyone loves a good Minecraft War. Well apparently, The Parrot Keepers are in fact against server growth just as I thought.

Personally I see no issue with emulating 2b2t. I see clearly they have had success in the past (mostly due to word of mouth, that only takes you so far) because of the incursions. However it seems that is a bad thing in the eyes of the parrot keepers member 4xe. I personally think emulation is the greatest form of flattery even though we were not following the formula because this was not an incursion it was intended to be a flat out war for dominance between two established factions.

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: White Flag?

The statistics speak for themselves. People love a good war. But it appears The Parrot Keepers just don't want to play a part in something that would have been amazing for our server.

What's Next?

Well if this war is really going to be a dud. Then I need to go back the mines. Regular marketing is great for server growth as well. I have already stated my plans and exactly what I am doing to promote the server in a previous thread.

I will continue to do what I have already been doing. I will also attempt to find different forms of advertising our server. I would like to try paid advertising in the future, because if done correctly it could spark a wave of new players. However for that I am relying on the generosity of the players. Yes, by donating I can invest funds into marketing since the server cost is inexpensive.

The advertising would take place on platforms like Facebook and on the polling websites with paid advertising features. Because these campaigns are expensive, I have to wait for players willing to invest in the server. Other server owners have tried this and failed. However let's face it, they are not me. While I am not the best Minecraft player, my skills in marketing grow every day, as I am always learning new things.

Better Server?

Yes! More players would obviously yield a better percentage of donations, which would eventually allow us to get a better server with a better processor. I personally believe among server hosting companies mtxserv has the best processor. The server is also really well optimized.

For the record I  don't think we'll reach the point where we need a better server for awhile because server growth is only a few people at a time per week. When we are ready I would like to rent a dedicated server with a killer processor. It's all in the processor, because even with a 5ghz processor the tps folds over when someone is traveling.

In Conclusion

Simply put it would be better if The Parrot Keeper's would reconsider this war. I don't know if it is officially over before it began. If it is it sucks because I truly believe that The Foundation War would have been the fire that lit the rocket called Pure Vanilla Anarchy.

On these terms if this means The Foundation War is really over before it began, I will have to continue to rely on my own efforts. In the future I will not count on a war to bring interest to Pure Vanilla Anarchy. Rather I will count on my marketing genius.

Boiling down this article all I have to say is I am horribly disappointed (not mad) by the outcome of all of this. I will not perpetrate a false war to bring players, if the war is really over before it started, I will just have to move forward with my disappointment and double my own personal efforts.

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Pure Vanilla Anarchy: The Foundation War

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: The Foundation War

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: The Foundation War is the first major war on Pure Vanilla Anarchy. It is a war between The Parrot Keepers and New Kandor. Both factions have different ideals, which is what I believe started the war in the first place.

From the very start of Pure Vanilla Anarchy The Parrot Keepers have been the most dominant force on the server. Being the admin, all I do is make sure the bills are paid and that the server runs. From the start I have said that any group could come in and take over.

Even though the group was small, starting with u9j and Drakyen, they had managed to get their hands on some technically illegal items through the back door because of Shockbyte's poor security. 

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: Parrot Keepers

u9j and Phr33r at the world border.

The Parrot Keepers

The Parrot Keepers have several deeds. While a few of the original members are no longer playing on Pure Vanilla Anarchy, they have done a great deal of things.

They bombed spawn on both maps. u9j and ItsNotMeJeremy bombed spawn on the first week on the original map. Here is a youtube video of the bombing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_0PNrCHj1o&feature=youtu.be

Phr33z completely demolished the new spawn, in fact he placed so many withers I had to go in and kill most of them because it was impacting the server. For the record, I only interfere when it comes to server stability.

The Parrot Keepers have made things rather difficult for new players. One would either die to a Parrot Keeper place Wither, or be killed by a Parrot Keeper. This has stunted server growth for quite a long time. This is what started The Foundation War, something that may lead to a change in rule on this server.

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: Spawn Nuked

Phr33z nuked spawn

New Kandor

New Kandor was formed on June 26th 2019. They have a different set of ideals compared to The Parrot Keepers. They want to keep spawn cleaned up, make sure that new players wont be endlessly griefed by Withers and Parrot Keepers.

You could compare the two groups to The Empire and Rebellion from the original Star Wars Trilogy. When one faction comes in, takes over and makes life hell for everyone, eventually a new faction will rise and fight for power.

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: The Foundation War is extremely important. New Kandor are the first to rebel. The first to declare war. If they will succeed or fail is yet to be seen. However they already have one massive advantage.

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: New Kandor Spawn

New Kandor creates a safe place for new players!

Parrot Keeper Sanctuary Destroyed

The war officially began yesterday on June 29th, 2019. New Kandor had somehow managed to find The Parrot Keeper Sanctuary. It took them quite awhile to reach them, especially considering one player plays legit.

They did tell me how they found their base. However I will not disclose that information because the war is still going on as I am writing this. Finding Parrot Keeper Sanctuary gave New Kandor a massive boost in power, because they now have 127 armor.

Not only did they take everything they could, but they destroyed The Parrot Keeper Sanctuary. Here is a series of screen shots, and a video showing the destruction of The Parrot Keeper Sanctuary.

RIP Parrot Sanctuary

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: New Kandor Destroys Sanctuary

New Kandor stores stolen goods.

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: New Kandor

The Outcome

Loosing The Parrot Keeper Sanctuary might be a massive blow to The Parrot Keepers. However it is unknown if this war is over. Will The Parrot Keepers fade into obscurity, or will they fight to remain the dominating force on this server.

The Foundation War could last for months if both sides are willing to keep fighting. The winner, will be the ruling faction of the server. I know that New Kandor wants to make the server a safe place for everyone.

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: Spawn

Birds eye view of New Kandor's spawn. An attempt to control spawn and make it a good place for new players.

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: Wither

New Kandor's Wither.

In Conclusion

I will continue to document this war, if it goes on past this point. As my role specifies, I will not interfere with either side. Whomever wins, wins. I agree if New Kandor wins, the server population will continue increase due to their effort. This might be better for the server as a whole.

If The Parrot keepers win, this server will only keep the toughest and most dedicated players. However if they do win I believe another faction like New Kandor will eventually rise, because when you repress the people they eventually reach a boiling point and fight back.

Whatever the outcome, I will document and make sure ten years from now people know the outcome and the details. This is a war that will determine the future climat and foundation of Pure Vanilla Anarchy. Hence why I call this The Foundation War!

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Pure Vanilla Anarchy RockSocker2

Pure Vanilla Anarchy RockSocker2

When I spoke about interviewing players on Pure Vanilla Anarchy RockSocker2 was the first to volunteer. Pure Vanilla Anarchy is nothing without its community. RockSocker2 has been apart of this servers community for a few weeks, and is one of the long lasting members.

I asked RockSocker2 a series of questions. These will likely be the standard interview questions unless I have something I specifically want to address something with someone in the future. Without further ado, here is the interview with RockSocker2

Pure Vanilla Anarchy RockSocker2

RockSocker2 showing off an Anarchy Symbol

Question One

May I ask how did you find Pure Vanilla Anarchy RockSocker2? Answer: I was searching for a strictly vanilla anarchy server and I stumbled upon Pure Vanilla Anarchy on one of the voting websites.

Question Two

Question Three

Question Four

What is your best experience playing on Pure Vanilla Anarchy RockSocker2? Collecting every block in Minecraft on Pure Vanilla Anarchy. Right now we have a storage problem and we are working on upgrading our systems

This may sound cheesy, but I have also met quite a few interesting people on the server and hanging out with them is pretty fun.

Question Five

What is the craziest thing you have done on Pure Vanilla Anarchy RockSocker2? Because this is an Anarchy server you are allowed to use any exploits you want. Nothing is illegal!

So what is the craziest thing I've done on Pure Vanilla Anarchy? I've used those exploits to find bases that are far away!

Question Six & Seven

Do you have any grand future plans on Pure Vanilla Anarchy RockSocker2? I can't go into much detail unfortunately because reasons. However my base mates and I are building something to do with a dome!

How many hours a week do you play on Pure Vanilla Anarchy RockSocker2? I'm one of the most, if not the most regular player on the server, roughly being on 40 to 50 hours a week!

Pure Vanilla Anarchy RockSocker2 Basement Drakyen

RockSocker2's basement Drakyen's creation

Pure Vanilla Anarchy RockSocker2 Drakyen

Other side

Question Eight & Nine

Have you made any friends playing on Pure Vanilla Anarchy RockSocker2? Yes I have! u9j, Drakyen ph33r and Star King.

You are at spawn and a new player joins the server. What do you do? Depends on the vibe I get from the person. Sometimes I will help them out, but more often, and in a recent case, I killed a new player over and over for three hours.

Question Ten & Eleven

You stumble upon a grand work of architecture and it is the most beautiful work of art you have ever seen. What do you do? I would tour the base and take screenshots, possibly taking any rare items I find, but leaving the structure more or less like I found it.

Question Twelve, Thirteen & Fourteen

A rather annoying player joins the server. They talk shit and annoy everyone! Some people even log off because this new player is so annoying. What do you do? : I keep my main account RockSocker2 at spawn just for that reason, because lots of annoying newfags have joined in the past.

A new player joins the server and asks if they can play with you, what do you do? Trust is not gained quickly or easily because this is an anarchy server. I would never base with someone right after they joined.

Someone stumbles upon your base while you are online. What do you do?  First, I would try to defend the base because this person might be intent on griefing it. Then, I would notify my base mates and transfer any valuables to a remote location. Lastly, take some screenshots and say my goodbyes to the build.

In Conclusion

Thank you very much for volunteering for the interview RockSocker2! If you are considering joining Pure Vanilla Anarchy it would be wise to keep RockSocker2 on your good side, because making enemies is rather easy on Pure Vanilla Anarchy.

If you would like to join Pure Vanilla Anarchy you do not need to apply or be placed on any sort of whitelist. Pure Vanilla Anarchy is perfect if you are looking to use dupes. The server is up 24/7.

Discord - https://discord.gg/6jj88MK
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Also please vote every day! Because growing the server is important! It takes one person voting every day and playing on Pure Vanilla Anarchy frequently to grow the server.


Pure Vanilla Anarchy: Where Is Wolf?

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: Where Is Wolf?

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: Where Is Wolf?

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: Where Is Wolf?

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: Where Is Wolf? In the last week you may have noticed my absence from all things server and discord. You might be wondering where I went. Despite the fact that I have been busy, I have been running an experiment the last week. I wanted to monitor server growth without my direct influence.

You see before last week I did quite a bit of things to enhance server growth, such as voting, posting and interacting with the community. I made sure to answer everyones questions. I wanted to see where this server would be, and how the community would interact without my influence.

I have to say, I am slightly disappointed. While no one crashed the server, voting came to a screeching halt. Discord chatter came down to a minimum, and to some sort of a degree the server population declined. Some of this I expected, however I did not anticipate the complete decline in voting.

Why Would I Do This?

Why would I do this? Because I need to know what level of interaction is required for continued server growth. I like you all, but I have grand ambitions and a vision for multiple servers in the future. Yes, you heard me. MULTIPLE Servers. I have an entrepreneurial spirit, using what I've learned from marketing over the years I plan on making a series of successful anarchy servers.

To do this, I need to know exactly how much time I have to dedicate to Pure Vanilla Anarchy. Now don't get me wrong, Pure Vanilla Anarchy will always be my baby. However if I want to have multiple servers in the future, I need to exercise time management.

Time Management

However, I cannot manage my time without running an experiment like this. I will always interact with the community, however if I can't manage my time even Pure Vanilla Anarchy could be a complete failure.

Additionally, I cannot over extend myself. I will only launch a new server when I believe Pure Vanilla Anarchy is in a place where it does not need me. I am not Pure Vanilla Anarchy, the community is and it needs to learn how to be self sufficient.

A brand new server will require a large amount of my time. Every new project/server will. Growing a server requires a lot of love and care. Don't get me wrong there is still a great amount of time I need to dedicate to Pure Vanilla Anarchy. As the server is just two weeks away from being two months old.


In Conclusion

My experiment is still on going. Pure Vanilla Anarchy will be the standard for future servers. Don't feel that I am unapproachable either, while I may be the owner of the server I want to build a thriving community across all of my servers. I may not answer or respond to you right away, that is mostly to do with timezone differences.

For now I plan on keeping this a solo operation. I may in the future delegate some things to some willing people. However all of this is quite manageable at the moment. The best thing you can do if you want to help me, is VOTE!

Voting takes five minutes a day, and is one of the best things you can do to help the server grow.


In the future I plan on doing articles on the various players of Pure Vanilla Anarchy. So please let me know if you are interested in being interviewed. It will be a text interview.

Also, I want to shout out some people in the community who stream.


Join our server!

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Pure Vanilla Anarchy Now 1.12.2

Pure Vanilla Anarchy Now 1.12.2

Pure Vanilla Anarchy Now 1.12.2 is something you need to tell your friends who have played on our server at one point in time. The idea of change was difficult for some people, but I believe it stopped the server from spiraling into a pit of poor player retention.

Minecraft 1.14 boasted so many stability problems that people were leaving in droves. Something had to be done. Two days ago I started the vote, and it was a resounding yes! Those dedicated to the server have made the move to 1.12.2 and I have to say now that Pure Vanilla Anarachy is Now 1.12.2, server stability is up BIG TIME.

Improve Stability is essential for building a bigger server. Without stability the future of Pure Vanilla Anarchy would be grim. As I mentioned before if we stayed on 1.14 the server would have become a revolving door.

Playing Legit

Now that we have moved to 1.12.2 officially I am playing 100% Legit. In 1.14 I never actually played, I just spectated and hung around in creative. I am somewhere far away, you are free to find my base. I am going to attempt to build a nether highway, because someone's gotta do it.

I don't plan on staying in one place for very long. You might stumble upon a great deal of older bases. Since I will be building a highway I will need to move my base forward. I will connect to 0, 0 when I feel the highway is ready to be traveled.

However since I am playing 100% legit this may take quite awhile. I will keep my location a secret. Once again you  are welcome to come and find me. I will say I am not further than 10k blocks out, but then again who isn't?

First Shot Of WolfOfOdin's base on Pure Vanilla Anarchy
Second Shot Of WolfOfOdin's base on Pure Vanilla Anarchy

In Conclusion

Bring it on! Join Pure Vanilla Anarchy today! Pure Vanilla Anarchy Now 1.12.2

Tell everyone. Let's fill this server up. We will be using the Shockbyte server for the foreseeable future because we don't quite need the google cloud server. The google cloud server was a final attempt to solve the performance issues of Minecraft 1.14. I'd much rather deal with a $40 or $80 a month bill if we decide to upgrade to 32 gb rather than a $400 a month bill.

Our Discord is - https://discord.gg/6jj88MK
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Please make sure to vote every day, it helps the server grow https://www.pure-vanilla-anarchy.com/pure-vanilla-anarchy-1-12-vote/

Pure Vanilla Anarchy 1.12 Vote

Pure Vanilla Anarchy 1.12 Vote

The Pure Vanlla Anarchy 1.12 Vote is essential because it's no lie that 1.14 is a complete mess. For the last nearly three weeks I have been trying my best to battle several performance issues that 1.14 brings to the table. One person could decide to travel and that alone cripples the server. People have been getting frustrated, I have been getting frustrated. For the sake of the community I have now started a vote.

Should we switch to 1.12.2? This would mean we would have to start out on a brand new map. This would make nearly three weeks of hard work irrelevant. Installing Spiggot would be simply putting a band-aid on a giant gaping wound that needs 100's of stitches. If we stay as 1.14, no matter how much hard work I put in Pure Vanilla Anarchy will become a revolving door. People coming in, and leaving because of the crippling lag issues.

I am sorry. I don't want that. In fact for the first time ever I am leaving my very own yes vote on the discord. I have become tired. So tired of dealing with issues because mojang broke Minecraft java edition. There is only so much I can personally do. There is only one solution, that solution is 1.12.

Pure Vanilla Anarchy 1.12 Test Server

Right as I am typing this we have a 1.12 test server running on our shockbyte server. I felt a test server would help people make a choice, the right choice in the Pure Vanilla Anarchy 1.12 Vote. So far _Negative_ has travelled over 10k blocks without lag. Can you imagine that on our google cloud 1.14.2 server? I though the cloud server could save us, but no, it did not.

Pure Vanilla Anarchy 1.12 Test Server Spawn

Spawn on the 1.12 test server.

It is rather easy to join our test server. You simply need the 1.12 client and the IP address provided at the bottom. When you join please provide as much feedback as possible. People need to know how much smoother our 16gb shockbyte 1.12 server is compared to our 65gb google cloud server. We could probably hold five times as many players on our 1.12 server before running into performance issues. 

In Conclusion

This is a short article. I don't have much to talk about but I can tell you that the future of Pure Vanilla Anarchy relies on your vote. I know it will be difficult to say goodbye to the 1.14 server, however for the sake of the servers future we need to make a change, especially if we want to remain "Pure Vanilla".

Join our discord - https://discord.gg/6jj88MK
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Please vote daily, it takes 5 minutes and it helps Pure Vanilla Anarchy grow - https://www.pure-vanilla-anarchy.com/pure-vanilla-anarchy-voting/

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: Surviving Spawn

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: Surviving Spawn

When I watch a new player join the server I often believe that said player does not have what it takes to survive spawn. Pure Vanilla Anarchy spawn is NOTHING like 2b2t's spawn. There is a shorter distance to travel in order to escape. Additionally, there is not as many people hunting for you.

There are people who have alts parked at spawn specifically to make sure you fail. They will grief you, they will make your life a living hell. Unlike 2b2t there is only ONE spawn point. So if they wanted to, they could kill you endlessly until you rage quit. To most people this is enough to not want to play on Pure Vanilla Anarchy. 

However this is not the case for most new people. You see those people with their spawn alts do not play all the time. Most of the people quit because they cannot navigate spawn. They take a step in the wrong direction, fall to their death, get killed by a zombie or skeleton and quit.

Survival Of The Fittest

The people listed above. They are normies. These normies casually come to Pure Vanilla Anarchy because they want to experience Anarchy without dealing with the queue time 2b2t has. I cannot believe the number of normies who come to Pure Vanilla Anarchy expecting it to look like the average Minecraft server.

"Spawn is ugly" they say. Someone always responds with "This is Anarchy". As I said, these are the filthy casuals of Minecraft. They typically quit within the first 5-30 minutes, as getting out of spawn is too difficult for them. Our turnover rate is spectacular. At least ten new people join a day, maybe one of them have what it takes to stick around. These people, can actually make something of themselves. However, what comes next can be far more difficult. If you make it through spawn, you are on your way to becoming great.

You've made it past spawn. Can you become one of the elite?

Two Basic Mistakes

Making it past spawn does not make you a god. In fact you are still a newb in a lot of peoples eyes. A great deal of people who make it past spawn, make a series of critical mistakes. These mistakes leave them in ruin.

Mistake #1 - Making your base within the first 20k blocks. I am afraid that if you are within this radius, your base is destined to be tnt'd. In fact a few bases within the first 20k blocks have already suffered this same fate.

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: TNT

Someones base covered in tnt within the first 10k radius

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: Destroye Base

RIP The Base

Mistake #2 - Antagonizing the wrong people. You see being the fact that there are no rules, there is nothing to stop someone you pissed off from crushing you and everything you have. When starting a fight, a wise move is deciding if this is the hill you want to die on. You never know what someone is capable of doing.

In Conclusion

Surviving spawn is just the beginning. You don't want to have an illusion of safety, as with mistake #2 if you piss of the wrong person they will find you. Fight only if you feel you can win.

If you think you can survive spawn and beyond feel free to join Pure Vanilla Anarchy. Don't let the smaller population fool you, because all it takes is one critical mistake and you are starting off at zero.

Join our server!

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If you want to help Pure Vanilla Anarchy grow make sure to vote daily!


Pure Vanilla Anarchy: Goals & Ambitions

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: Goals & Ambitions

I can imagine in the last week people believe I have firmly lost my mind. Pure Vanilla Anarchy: Goals & Ambitions can only equate to the incoherent ramblings of a madman? I will tell you one thing now. In ten years time there will be no debate regarding the superiority Pure Vanilla Anarchy has over 2b2t.

Oh god there he goes again rambling about how he's going to crush 2b2t. Yes at this point you are probably convinced I have completely lost it. But rest assured, I am of sound mind. You see in life people are often far too afraid to take a risk. They live in a comfortable sphere content and afraid to lose what they have, because of this they cannot fufil their life's goals and dreams.

Recently I went balls deep into a $400 server. Why? Because if you want to succeed you need to take risks! Your balls need to be so huge that you carry them around in a wheelbarrow. Without that bill hanging over my head, how am I going to find the motivation to work hard on building this server?

Only when impending failure is looming over, can you find the motivation to build something great. I am an entrepreneur at heart. I have studied marketing from some pretty amazing people. I am confident I can make this work. Randy Marsh has nothing on me right now.

Short Term Goals

Now that I am done blowing smoke up my ass, I want to tell you about my short term goals. As I am currently writing this Pure Vanilla Anarchy is 2.5 weeks old. My short term goals are for the current month, right now it is difficult to make decent longterm goals.

By Thursday July 4th 2019, I want our peak time to have 50 players online at once. Hang on there Wolf, that's a pretty lofty short term goal. How can you be so confident that you can build a player base that big in just a month?

Search Engine Optimization

Let me explain. The reason I made this website is to help build our search rankings in google. I optimize every single post to make sure it is seo friendly.

By making these posts daily, I am increasing how we rank in google. However it cannot be some slapped together poorly made garbage. You see google now indexes better content. So when I am writing these articles I make sure the content is as good as I can make it.

It is important that I run through a check list of various things to make sure the post's content is up to snuff so that google will pick it up. I need to make sure to tell you, this WILL NOT happen instantly. Building up to front page indexing takes a lot of work and effort. Every day I write a post, and depending on my competition I may make it there sooner or later.

Reason For 2b2t's Success

It's obvious that 2b2t's greatness has been mostly word of mouth. The various youtube incursions that have happened have bolstered the greatness of the server. The age and history behind the server's world is a major contributing factor, because of all that and more 2b2t has become the top anarchy server.

However, word of mouth is a two way street. When our server begins to grow rapidly, word of mouth about us will spread. However building a server strictly off word of mouth is a very difficult thing to do. I am doing twice as much work when it comes to building the player base.

What Am I Doing Differently?

I have to make sure people vote, because if they don't vote it is hard to build our listing. You should vote, just click on "Pure Vanilla Anarchy Voting" at the top right for all the voting links, or you can simply go to the bottom of the article. When a player votes our server rises in rank. Getting people to vote is difficult, but the more people vote, the faster our server builds.

By doing what I am doing right now, by writing a detailed and content rich article daily. Sometime in the future all you are going to see is Pure Vanilla Anarchy. I can almost guarantee that our competition including 2b2t is not doing this! Learning how to index properly in google is a difficult process, especially due to the mountain of misinformation out there.

If you are a server owner and reading this article I will give you a pro tip. DO NOT go to a self proclaimed "SEO Expert". All you are doing is wasting money, learn to do it yourself. 

Pure Vanilla Anarchy: Goals & Ambitons

Don't waste your money. Learn to do it yourself. Everyone I know who has hired one of these regretted it.

In Conclusion

I'm not just blowing smoke up my ass. I have not gone insane. Without the risk of failure there is no motivation to succeed. With all that I am doing, Pure Vanilla Anarchy will be an extremely successful Minecraft Anarchy Server. When I begin a project, I don't half ass it.

I hope you enjoyed today's insight. There is actually a lot more that happens behind the scenes but talking about everything would make this article drag on. If you would like to help Pure Vanilla Anarchy succeed, make sure to vote every single day. It only takes five minutes, and it is extremely helpful.


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Pure Vanilla Anarchy Voting

Pure Vanilla Anarchy Voting

Pure Vanilla Anarchy Voting is important as Pure Vanilla Anarchy is a growing server. Like any server we are encountering our own growing pains. These growing pains are our tps issues. We are on our 3rd server in two weeks, the first one we started off at 2gb, and now we have 65gb of ram, but even with that we are having issues with making sure all the cpu's are being used.

If Pure Vanilla Anarchy is going to succeed the players need to step in and help with the growing process. I do a lot of work, but in some regards I am only one person. If every single member were to take five minutes out of their day to vote, the landscape of Pure Vanilla Anarchy would drastically change in a single week!

Pure Vanilla Anarchy Voting Will Change The Landscape!

It's simple math really. If I am the only one voting for our server that is 7 votes per week. Just 7 VOTES! However if TEN people from the server vote, that's 77 weekly votes per website including my vote.

Within one week, our position would climb so much, that more people would notice Pure Vanilla Anarchy! Because of all those votes our server will skyrocket not only in rating, but in player numbers. This server is for the people, and it will take the people's help to bring the server to higher numbers in votes. So if you truly do care about this server, please take those five minutes a day to vote, because without your help it all comes down to the efforts of one man.

Pure Vanilla Anarchy Voting is Important

The Power Of The People

77 votes a week website. You can not even imagine the power that TEN people have to change the server for the better. Not only do you have the power to bring our server to new heights, but you have the power to vote on polls. 

Pure Vanilla Anarchy Voting is important even on the Discord

Most servers are dictatorships. They do things without the consent of the people. In fact I was planning to do the same until I noticed that what I do impacts everyone in good or bad ways. My WolfCoin idea was crudely implemented, people left the server because of that idea.

It was then I noticed that for the sake of the server I should ask for the peoples opinions, the most simple way to do that was with polls. I believe the polling system has been a massive success. It lets me know what the people want, and what they don't want.

In Conclusion

The people have all the power on the server. The power to decide regulation via polls and the power to vote for our server. Without you, this server is nothing. So please, I urge you to vote daily. It takes five minutes, the impact of even a single person deciding to vote daily is huge.

The more people vote. The faster we grow. So please, vote:

PVA Voting Websites

1. https://topg.org/server-pure-vanilla-anarchy-16gb-no-rules-disco-id513596
2. https://www.planetminecraft.com/server/pure-vanilla-anarchy-1-14-1-no-plugins-no-in-game-rules-some-chat-rules/
3. http://www.minecraft-servers-list.org/details/PureVanillaAnarchy/
4. https://minecraftservers.org/server/552256
5. https://minecraft-mp.com/server-s223572
6. http://topminecraftservers.org/vote/5789
7. https://minecraft-tracker.com/server/5935/
8. https://minecraftservers.biz/servers/144080/
9. https://minecraftlist.org/vote/12551

TVA Voting Websites

1. https://topg.org/Minecraft/in-516729
2. https://www.planetminecraft.com/server/tainted-vanilla-anarchy-spigot-1-12-2-no-rules-same-world/
3. http://www.minecraft-servers-list.org/details/TaintedVanillaAnarchy/
4. https://minecraftservers.org/vote/557981
5. https://minecraft-mp.com/server-s227645
6. https://topminecraftservers.org/vote/6452
7. https://minecraft-tracker.com/server/5981/vote/
8. https://minecraftservers.biz/servers/144514/#vote_now
​9. https://minecraftlist.org/server/13074

Please bookmark this page to make voting even easier. Remember, we need you to vote, because without your help and vote, growing Pure Vanilla Anarchy becomes much harder.

Make sure to check out yesterdays article called Pure Vanilla Anarchy Spawn  - https://www.pure-vanilla-anarchy.com/pure-vanilla-anarchy-spawn/

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